Mario Gonçalves, P.Eng.
Principal and Global Business Leader

Mario doesn’t have enough hours in the day – balancing his life between talking to whoever will listen and listening to all that come to him with their problem, whether they be personal, a curtain wall detail or an unpaid invoice. Passionate and dedicated to his work, he relaxes when retreating to his cottage with his family. When he is not with people or in nature, he doesn’t exist, which is why he is the e-mail king – seeking to always keep in touch … never more than an e-mail away. Proud of his accomplishments and confident in his future endeavors, he loves competition but doesn’t hesitate to shake their hand. Mario lives in an organized world – everything and everyone are in their place, and beware if they’re not, he will kindly sit you down and discuss your problem. Over the years, he managed to surround himself with an extraordinary team and a network of reliable and trustworthy partners and collaborators, that he considers his second family. Together, they have no limit … Mario’s lives by one rule: always higher, always further!
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Gilbert Riopel, B.Sc.
General Manager, Laboratory Testing Services

The Gilbert left the comfort of his hometown to join the group in 1987. From the beginning, he made the company benefit from the wealth of experience and resourcefulness acquired on his father’s land! Loving to work with the next generation, he gets involved with our younger staff in order to guide them on various thermal and physical aspects applied to the building envelope, and of course, he seizes the opportunity of recycling his favorite jokes… Since Gilbert is Gilbert, and if his laughter isn’t reverberating throughout the building, it means he’s in vacation! He is adamant when the time comes to defend an idea or an opinion, and he will not give ground as long as he is convinced he’s right. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for us, he is not often wrong! A man can be taken from his countryside, but not the countryside from the man, for he is one of those who marvel in front of machinery, and if he could come to work riding a John Deere, he would do it!
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Patrick Masson, P.T., LEED AP/BD+C
General Manager, Advisory Services

Patrick is passionate about his family, his friends and his work. He travels as often as possible beyond our borders, either as a couple or with his family. All means of transportation are acceptable to him: plane, car, train, bike or sailing boat, but not a motor boat, too noisy for him. His friends find him somewhat excessive, what with his work, his role as soccer coach, his implication in the board of his son’s judo club, and his role as president of the IMQ’s technical committee. He is passionate about technical design and major challenges: the more complicated they are, the more inspired he feels. This passion came to him while working on important projects in his previous life of more than 20 years of serving as technical authority for an architectural firm. Today, he wishes to share his knowledge with his team and his clients in order to find the source of problems and also the solutions.
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Mark Van Dalen, P.Eng.
Business Development Manager - Advisory Services

As a guarded entrepreneur, Mark now has a great deal of grey hair after decades of running a business to solve problems for clients. Like the rest of the world, he wishes he worked less, as his large family is his absolute joy. However, Mark is resolute about meeting expectations in every aspect of his work life, so does what it takes to deliver and doesn’t chat at the water cooler often enough. He loves to travel, ski and motorcycle. He is not nearly so fond of exercise but does so to stay fit and to enjoy life. Mark can make great things happen for you, and when he finally finishes his career, he will happily look back with quiet pride.
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Nicolas Bernier, P.T.
Technical Assessments Manager, Quebec Office

Nicolas is a creative person who established his niche in a technical world for nearly twenty years. When not debating, with dexterity and aplomb, on technical matters with expert colleagues, he is in the field with his team attempting to know and understand the problems affecting our clients’ buildings. A rare occurrence in this time of in-depth specialization, Nicolas distinguishes himself by the sharpness of his overall vision, which makes him the man for the job in investigations as well as at the office. A photographer and carpenter in his free time, he does not neglect social life, getting involved in his community and the artistic world surrounding him in the company of his charming wife. His wish to know, learn, exchange, search where others cannot (or will not) go, build, deconstruct and rebuild whether on paper on in the real world… serves Nicolas perfectly in his role of Manager for Technical Assessments at our Quebec office.
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Jérôme Genairon, P.Eng.
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Wayne Breighner
Engineering Leader, Northbrook building science laboratory
Gilles Couture, P.Eng.
Field Testing and Evaluations Manager

It is seldom that Gilles finds himself on a building site on a rainless day: fortunately, he’s a pleasant company! Used to working in all conditions on building sites, he always finds solutions to problems and unforeseen circumstances. On top of running across eastern Canada for tests, and even farther, he likes getting away with his joyous troop to visit the most beautiful towns! Often out of the office, he regularly eats in restaurants with his valiant team. People remain surprised that he doesn’t weigh fifty pounds more! Gifted with an impressive memory, he remembers the details of each one of his projects. This ability also allows him to recite excerpts from his children’s favorite movies or share anecdotes with clients and colleagues. Gilles is our featherweight champion and our director of assessments and in-situ tests.
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Marie-Josée Deschênes, B.A.
Technical sales Manager, Advisory Services

Marie-Josée wholeheartedly worships the youths who form our next generation, sharing her knowledge with them and encouraging them to perform well. According to them, she would even have a motherly side. Mj is animated by rigorous nutrition and good physical shape. In spite of her advanced age and her nine grandchildren, she pedals, runs, trots, and swim. She even has a black belt in karate! Even her little pet, commonly called a dog, is tired of running behind her. Her perfectionism sometimes discourages, but always pays off in the end. Marie-Josée is our woman in a world of me. But she is also our Technical sales Manager, Advisory Services.

Benoit Doyon, P.T.
Construction and Commissioning Services Manager, Montreal Office
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Robert Jutras, P.Eng.
Principal Engineer, Building Envelope Performance

Armand Patenaude recruited Robert in November of 1985 as a trainee engineer freshly graduated in mechanical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montreal a few years before. In spite of the fact that his first clients believed he was training as a student in CEGEP, he managed to acquire an experience now recognized by the whole of the industry. Robert attempts to fight time and stay young by remaining as active as he can. His latest passion, motorcycle riding, has been recently added to the list: alpine skiing, hiking, surfing, watching all kinds of music shows, etc. He is also the father of an awesome young woman, his pearl and most beautiful success. And it is mostly for her sake that he wishes to stay young and fight the years, in order to see her grow and blossom; at the same time, the company will benefit from his presence for many more years. This will allow him to see the growth, at the heart of the team which will someday replace him, of the passion he transmits. His most sincere wish: long live the CLEB and this group of exceptional people!
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Louis Fortin, P.Eng., MPM
Senior Project Manager, Construction and Commissioning Services

Louis is passionate about everything that moves. He loves that moves and likes to move. A little too much time at the expense of his body which no longer has the strength of his 20 years. This is probably what brought him into the field of construction where projects succeed whether in manufacturing or in consulting services. For 30 years, his name is associated with the curtain wall and building envelope. He is a professional engineer and he worked with architects throughout his career. For him, the best achievement is to help an architect to meet its architectural intent while ensuring that the principles of the building envelope are respected. Passionate, he loves working in a team environment and shares his passion whether in consulting or when he gives training courses about curtain wall.
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Madeleine Lanoix
Training Manager Building Envelope
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Jean Loubert, P.Eng.
Materials and Systems Testing Manager

When one comes from a big family and is a triplet on top of this, one quickly learns the meaning of teamwork and the necessity of building three times stronger! Lessons that are worth their weight in gold later in life, when one finds oneself confronted to an unusual test situation, with the need to listen, consult and find creative solutions. One also learns from childhood games: building your own house models when you are young, can later lead to many things! Such as the construction of a fish canning factory in Africa from very little, the construction of one’s own house…to the carrying-out of complex projects including creating a hurricane in a laboratory! And for longer-term projects, who better than a marathon runner for endurance, or a fan of the Canadiens for patience?
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Dominic Massie, P.Eng.
Laboratory Mock-up Testing Manager

Dominic joined the Air-Ins team in 2003. He began in the position of a trainee in mechanical engineering by pure chance. It was while offering judicious advice to Mr. Robert Jutras about the rent of tools during his house construction that he passed his first job interview. At their second meeting, a visit to the laboratory transformed into his first day of work. It was his baptism under winds of 120 km/h and torrential rains from the powerful DC-6 motor owned by the laboratory. It was enough to convince him that an exciting career was waiting for him at the end of his studies in 2005. Even today, the adventure goes on in the division of large-scale testing for international clients and projects. Dominic will not hesitate to put his knowledge to good use to help you reach your objectives. He was also practicing extreme sports, but after a third surgery, his orthopedic surgeon advised him that he should stick with shuffleboard and petanque; sports he hasn’t been drafted yet. Dominic is also a man of conviction, and in his opinion, Alain Côté’s goal was not good!
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Jean Miller, P.Eng.
Fenestration Testing Manager

In 1999, Jean began his career at Air-Ins during his last semester at university. This job, which was supposed to last one summer, got extended, to his great pleasure! The first reason for this is the spirit of family life that makes the laboratory’s reputation. And the fact that this spirit is reflected in the relationship between the group and its clients only reinforces Jean’s sense of belonging in the fenestration industry. Jean likes running to keep fit and relax; unfortunately, he tries to do too many things at once, which means he also runs at the office! He works hard to maintain the founders’ philosophy of facing challenges and doing what “others” find too complicated. With him, nothing is impossible, except maybe making days longer, but don’t worry, he’s working on it! Jean is a man of convictions, and in his opinion, Alain Côté’s goal was good…
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Dwayne Sloan, P.Eng.
Technical Director, Building & Life Safety Technologies

Dwayne Sloan is the Director of Principal Engineers and Regulatory Services for the Building and Life Safety Technologies Division at UL LLC where he directs the activities of other Principal Engineers and Regulatory members that support a wide variety of product areas. Dwayne’s focus is in the area of Reaction to Fire. He is a presenter for organizations, such as NFPA, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Expanded Polystyrene Industry Alliance, Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association and others on reaction to fire topics and provides technical leadership for UL’s building materials certification services and Standards development activities. Dwayne serves on several NFPA technical committees and participates in various ASTM committees. He is currently the 2nd Vice President of ASTM E05, Committee on Fire Standards. Dwayne has a Mechanical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. During his 30 years at UL, he has worked in and led a variety of UL’s fire-protection areas, and authored several articles and publications. Dwayne was recently recognized by UL as a Corporate Fellow within the William Henry Merrill Society, named in honor of UL’s founder.

Richard Trempe, Arch., M.Sc.
Lead Regulatory and Training Specialist

Richard relishes architecture books, enjoys technical guides and cultivates big and small histories of building envelopes. When he is not cooking a new course on façades or searching inside a wall, he travels and questions know-how and performance. Through his boundless passion for work and his well-known fatherly devotion – we all know Richard’s children! – He attempts to recapture his youth in the classroom by completing his Master’s degree, a dream he cherished. Richard is a fan of crossing Quebec. He practices this sport a few times a week – comfortably seated in a train – to meet his teams, for he is never very far so that he can harness everyone’s strengths… That’s why we decided to give this vice-president the role of CLEB’s chief operating officer.
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