CLEB takes flight!

Patenaude Trempe Van Dalen and Air-Ins, two sister companies working in the building-envelope field, will be united from now on under a single brand image called CLEB.

Patenaude Trempe Van Dalen and Air-Ins, the most important group of professionals in the East of Canada on the question of laboratory and on-site testing, quality control and technical investigations dedicated exclusively to the building-science field, will be known under the name of CLEB (Conseil et laboratoire en envelope du bâtiment) from now on. This new brand image highlights the strategic repositioning of sister companies Patenaude Trempe Van Dalen and Air-Ins in order to create new group synergy. And to mark the occasion, CLEB will officially unveil, on July 3rd, its new head office in Varennes and the expansion of its testing laboratory, which have necessitated investment over three million dollars.

“For over 30 years, companies Air-Ins and PTVD grew individually while offering complementary services in their field of application”, underlines Mario Gonçalves, president of CLEB. “Rooted in the values imparted by their respective founders, these two companies grew to become mature companies recognized as leaders in North America. Our staff’s expertise and our laboratory installations, among the most important in Canada, allow us to offer a single window for large-scale projects throughout the East of Canada and the North-East of the United States, always with the objective of better serving our clients.”

The head office was designed by Éric Labbé, architect, and built by PRIO inc. The new brand image, for its part, was developed by the staff of Minimal Mtl.

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